Tyrone Pinder

Building a stronger and more connected Bahamas is quite literally what Tyrone Pinder is doing. Tyrone has been with All Bahamas Construction Company Limited (ABC) for nine years and is currently works as assistant supervisor at The Fishing Hole Road Bridge in Grand Bahama.  There are many ways to build a Stronger Bahamas and Tyrone is contributing by building a causeway to connect Freeport and the route to the western end of Grand Bahama.

“At the end of this project, we will have a connected Bahamas,” explains Tyrone. “It is important for the advancement of our country because the Fishing Hole Road Bridge connects the east and west side, two very important areas. You simply can’t have a break between two halves, united is always better.”

It is no secret that the current Fishing Hole Road is prone to flooding, which continues to affect the residents in West Grand Bahama who during adverse weather conditions are unable to access the essential services that are located in Freeport. In mid-December last year, work got underway to bridge the gap between these two residential areas of Grand Bahama.

“People are glad to be a part of this project. Everyone is working hard and because of that we are working faster,” says Tyrone. “Everyone is pushing one another.”

When he reflects on the legacy he is creating, Tyrone smiles and says; “We are all a part of history, we are literally joining the two part of the island. I want my children or grandchildren to look at this bridge and know their daddy or granddaddy, he built this!”

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