Treco Grant

Making a splash throughout the waterways of Freeport, Treco and his wife Rochelle own and operate Ready To Go Powerboat Adventures. In addition to the scenic waterway tours that provide a historical overview of the development of Grand Bahama, guests can also take full advantage of powerboat excursions to Bimini, Guana Cay and other northern islands around The Bahamas.  Together they are building a Prosperous Bahamas.

As an entrepreneur, Treco understands the importance of relationships including the strong support from his wife Rochelle. He reflects on a time, in the early stages of business development, when she questioned if they could succeed. His reassuring response from then until now has led the pair to enjoy the many blessing, which Rochelle exclaims “it’s only God.”

The Grants have harnessed the power of social media to drive success to their business through Facebook and Instagram.  Their professionalism and quality product offerings allow them to receive positive reviews from highly satisfied customers.  Treco quips, “what happens on the boat, stays on the boat!”

Growing up, Treco recalls that they were taught to go to school so that they can get an education and then get a good job. “They never taught us to be owners,” he explains. He realizes now that the greatest success comes from owning your own business. “It’s the coolest thing for us to be our own boss.  It drives and motivates us each day to be better than the day before.”

When asked how more Bahamians can contribute to building a prosperous Bahamas, his answer was simple; “Get into something that is your passion because we need people with passion to build a stronger Bahamas.”

As they make small steps to contribute to the improved economy in Freeport, Treco concludes that his passion was to be his own boss. “Let me be my own boss, let me have the chance to possibly fail versus never even attempting.”

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