Thomas Saunders

Meet the talented craftsman, Thomas Saunders!

Building a Prosperous Bahamas through his artistic abilities, Thomas Saunders creates authentically made Bahamian crafts for visitors to the island of Bimini. A retired maintenance supervisor who was once employed at Bacardi Rum, Thomas describes his simple yet beautiful creations as a labour of love.

His inspiration comes from walking on the beach, collecting sea shells and gathering coconut palms to make something uniquely Bahamian.  Using his vivid imagination and gazing along the shores of Bimini, Thomas dreams up and creates his masterpieces that come to life in the forms of scuba divers, fishermen, boats, and sea creatures.  He invests about three weeks in making each piece to then display on the walls in front of his home.

Thomas said that some days he places a sign on his patio that reads: Everything is free, with a label that says: Made in China.  He jokes “I’ve never had to give away anything because everything is made in The Bahamas and I am proud of that.”

The seasoned craftsman has even opened his outdoor workspace to young men on the island so that they can develop a skill.  “I want to see more men be able to provide for themselves and not complain about the hard work involved,” Thomas says. “We have to inspire the next generation of Bahamians to value the importance of a hard work ethic.  That’s what brings the most success and satisfaction.”

As he sits on the wall overlooking the sandy white shores in front of his home, dreaming up his next Bahamian craft, Thomas has some sage advice for Bahamians young and old.  He reminds us, “You simply have to start from somewhere. We all need to do our part to build a Stronger Bahamas.”

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