Stories of Courage: Patricia Francis

Standing on the coast line of southern New Providence, Patricia Francis is gathered with an assessment team to provide additional support to residents impacted by Hurricane Matthew.  In her role as Deputy Permanent Secretary with the Urban Renewal Commission, Patricia is all too aware and eager to be an integral part of this important work.

Walking from house to house impacted by the storm, Patricia interacts and actively seeks to address the most pressing needs of Bahamians.  She leads with empathy and says “Personally, as a social worker, I came with the heart to let people know that we are concerned about their situation.”  Patricia is part of an assessment team that liaises with both NEMA and the Office of The Prime Minister. The team assists in providing services and resources to Bahamians.  All of the impacted communities throughout The Bahamas, has a team that consists of a member from the Ministry of Social Services, the Department of Environmental Health, the Royal Bahamas Police Force, the Urban Renewal Commission and a volunteer from the community.  Working together, they are helping to restore a Stronger Bahamas.

The Deputy Permanent Secretary emotionally recalls meeting a family living in their vehicle after they lost everything to hurricane Matthew.  “I came out here previously with the Prime Minister and it’s amazing to see how resilient Bahamians really are.  They have lost everything, but they are outside and talking and telling you about the horror stories of that night.  In the midst of it, because I am who I am, I was able to personally get involved and ensure that some people who were sleeping in cars, were able to get into a hotel through the Ministry of Social Services and have a good night’s rest.”

As the recovery and restoration efforts continue, Patricia’s spirit of kindness will stay with her from one community to the next as we restore a Stronger Bahamas.  She compassionately says, “I’ve come to let people know that we are here for them, we are concerned about their situation and we are trying to alleviate some of their issues”.

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