Stories Of Courage: Kerr Family

The community of West End, Grand Bahama is forever changed again after another devastating hurricane; however, the determination of residents to rebuild and recover reflects the resilient spirit of Bahamians.

The women of the Kerr family are a beautiful segment of residents who are ready and equipped to put the pieces of their lives and family home together one piece at a time. The family trio traveled from Nassau and the United States to view the destruction after Hurricane Matthew tore West End apart. They paused from hammering the plywood onto a broken door to secure their mother’s home. Portia spoke passionately about what The Bahamas needs and said “We have to learn to work together. We need unity at this moment because this is a wake-up call for everyone to come together and help each other out.”

Despite the destruction to their mother’s home, the Kerr family is hopeful, optimistic and is working hard to rebuild and pick up the pieces. They believe that trials and tribulations such as these happen for a reason, in order to bring family, friends and communities together.

“People in the West End are very resilient and they have high spirits,” said Portia. “These difficult situations, they happen in order to bring the country together.”

As Grand Bahama rebuilds, the Kerr family said they envision a revitalized Grand Bahama in which the West End will once again serve as a major point of entry.

They say that in order for the West End to prosper; “we have to work together; we need unity. At the moment we’re divided. The attitude has to be to work together.”

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