Stories of Courage: Chevonya Major

As she watches the tide roll in, Chevonya Major reflects on Hurricane Matthew and the long road to recovery.  When she returned to her home after Matthew, she found the space flooded with water and all of her possessions destroyed.  Rather than focusing on her losses, she looks to the future with hope and gratitude for the life she has ahead.

“I thought wow this is crazy! The floor was covered in four feet of water, the fridge was flipped over, cupboards, pots…everything was destroyed,” Chevonya recalls. Like many in Nassau, Chevonya found herself having to start over after Hurricane Matthew.  She immediately got to work clearing all of the water from her home. The devastation was not enough to get her down though as she continues to take one day and step at a time.

Chevonya hopes to see a future Bahamas where everyone comes together in peace. “This was the worst we’ve ever experienced. Everyone needs to come together.” Chevonya knows that Bahamians share many of the same hopes and values and so when everyone works together, the future will be bright.

Chevonya acknowledges she has a tough road ahead of her, but she also knows that God only gives us what he knows we can handle. “I look at it this way, you’ve got life. Anything that happens, you’ll get through it.” She understands that in order to make it through the tough times, everyone needs to enjoy the little things that life has to offer. She believes it’s important to slow down, breathe and enjoy the view. “I came to the beach yesterday and everything was dry but today is a better day. We’re all made out of sea, sun and sand, so I hope we can get back to how it used to be.”

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