Rosetta Cartwright

Meet Rosetta Cartwright! As the former Miss World Bahamas in 2014, Rosetta Cartwright represented the country in London at the Miss World Pageant.

During her reign as Miss World Bahamas, Rosetta’s platform was “Education is key; I will graduate.”  This message was shared throughout schools around The Bahamas.

Now pursuing her education as a junior at The College of The Bahamas’ Northern Campus in Business Management, Rosetta explains that, “it is vital to build a modern Bahamas so that the younger generation of The Bahamas gets better education opportunities to reach their true potential.”

Rosetta was a perfect fit to be the face and voice for the newest Stronger Bahamas commercial, and was excited to participate because she believes we need a Modern Bahamas in order to experience significant growth as a nation and be in alignment with the world. In the video, she highlights Government initiatives relating to educational advancement in The Bahamas.

Rosetta confidently reminds us “Together, let’s build a Modern Bahamas, so that my Bahamas is a Stronger Bahamas.”

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