Olivia Turnquest

‘Your home away from home’ – that is how Olivia Turnquest describes her business motto for her lovely and quaint 9 bedroom inn on Long Island.

After retiring from 40 years of teaching, Olivia and her two sisters embarked on a new journey, this time in the hospitality industry. In 1999, they converted their mother’s home on Deadman’s Cay into Ellen’s Inn.

“This was a natural transition for me. I am a people’s person as a result of teaching,” Olivia explains. “I like to provide comfort and good service. I want to give visitors a home.”

Ellen’s Inn has been successful with a strong return network. Some guests have been coming annually for over ten years! Olivia’s advice for young entrepreneurs, who are thinking about entering the hospitality industry is to be prepared to work hard, to give good service, and to sometimes think beyond yourself and the bottom line.

Olivia believes that a Stronger Bahamas needs to be inclusive of all Bahamians and requires active involvement in one’s community.  A resident of Long Island for most of her life, Olivia is involved with the Chamber of Commerce, the cancer society, the ladies friendship club and the senior citizens club. She ensures that Ellen’s Inn supports local schools, regattas, church groups, charities and other community building activities.

“The Bahamas is my home and always will be. I’d never want to be any place else,” Olivia concludes. “There is nothing like seeing a Bahamian flag after being away. That is the feeling of home.”

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