Nikki M. Kelly

Nikki never lets anyone else get in the way of her dreams. For many years, she has been driven as an entrepreneur, selling her 100% authentic Bahamian crafts; turning her passion into a successful business. With a vision for growth and unrelenting faith in herself, Nikki contributes to a prosperous Bahamas as a Bahamian artisan.

Nikki has always enjoyed being her own boss. When her pet grooming business ended, she called on the universe to fill her with a new level of ambition to start anew and that passion was crafting using only Bahamian resources.

“I go to the beach and collect the things I need. Every shell, every grain of sand is Bahamian and it all goes into my art.”  She is a proud beachcomber and finds some of her best treasures walking along the beaches in her community of Holmes Rock and other beaches around Grand Bahama.

Nikki currently operates from her own studio that she rented five days before the impact of Hurricane Matthew. She can be found hard at work from her own storefront at Nikki’s Trinkets located in the Port Lucaya Marketplace.

Before starting her newest business, some people close to Nikki did not have faith that she would be successful. Her advice to people facing the same challenge is to believe in yourself. “Be vigilant and don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do. I believe in me and that’s all that matters.” Today, some of Nikki’s most vocal critics are her biggest fans who fuel her unstoppable drive towards excellence and success.

Nikki contributes to a prosperous Bahamas in a number of ways.  First, she supports other entrepreneurs by purchasing authentically Bahamian items.  She also helps community members by purchasing materials they find on the beach so that she might create uniquely Bahamian crafts made of local resources.

As the summer approaches, Nikki wants to provide opportunities for local high school students to work with her in her studio.  She wants to create a space where creative and talented young artist can come in, learn and grow.  She knows that some kids do not excel in an office environment, but still deserve a chance to gain invaluable work experience. “I’m sure there are kids that don’t want to click on a computer all day, that are into arts and crafts. I want to work with them so that together, we can find their passion too” Creating opportunities for herself and others with her passion and exuberance, Nikki is paving the way to a prosperous Bahamas.

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