Michael Fox

For the past eight years, Mr. Michael Fox, has owned and operated Ready to Go Auto Repair.  In addition to managing his business, he uses his facility as a classroom for young men and women to learn the essentials of a technical trade.

Deeply rooted in his strong faith, Michael starts each day with his students in prayer and reflection before beginning their assigned work. He believes that Bahamians need to recognize and use the gifts they were blessed with in order to sustain themselves and their communities.

Acting as a role model to his students, Michael shows them how to repair vehicles and assists in finding them related-work.  “There’s a standard that must be upheld and every job has to have my quality stamp of approval” says Michael.

To make the country better, he wants individuals to be given a chance to make their own success.  He smiles proudly and says, “To every Bahamian business owner today: if we open our door to take one or two young people, we are giving them a chance.”  He says, “We need to train young people of this country to look into the light to find themselves, as no one looks in the dark for opportunity.”

Michael hopes that young Bahamians view education and training as the best way to contribute to their country.  He says, “I believe that when you train a person in the right way and teach them how to manage their own life, this helps them and it helps us to build a Stronger Bahamas.”

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