Mark Turnquest


Recognizing the value of education, Mark Turnquest is excited to contribute to a Stronger Bahamas this school year. As a talented young Bahamian, Mark will enter his classroom for the first time in September as a music teacher on the island of Andros.

As a former student at C. H. Reeves, Mark was inspired by his music teacher, Lynette Justillien.  He fondly recalls how Mrs. Justillien created a “wow” experience for learning.  This inspired him to pursue his own personal career in education.

“These wow moments coupled with the direct involvement and attention on music inspired me every day.  It motivated me,” reflects Mark. He followed his passion for music throughout college and earned his graduate degree at Louisiana State University.

As the school year soon begins, he is optimistic that he too will create those special moments for his students. “I hope that my students come with an open mind and willingness to explore various aspects of music education.  I want my students to apply principles of discipline for success in and out of the classroom.”

Mark always knew throughout his education journey that The Bahamas was home and the place that he could make a meaningful contribution. “A lot of Bahamians invested in me.  I want to do the same thing for others because everyone must contribute their strengths to build a Stronger Bahamas.”

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