Lynton Pinder

Meet Lynton Pinder! An active member of his community, Lynton can be found attending committee meetings for the Fishermen’s Fest, behind the organ on Sundays at his local parish or managing the Spanish Wells Administrative Office.

Since 2005, Lynton has acted as a liaison between his community and the government. He prides himself on his ability to resolve issues and taking the time to assist people with a more personal touch.

“Sometimes understanding the process that one needs to take is difficult. Having someone in the community who is able to reach out and get matters resolved is paramount,” says Lynton. “In my more than ten years here, our office has built a positive reputation within the Spanish Wells Community, bringing the government closer to the people who live here.”

Lynton explains that through strong and dedicated leadership in the office, the administration is confident that it is meeting the needs of residents.

Lynton believes that a #StrongerBahamas is one that focuses on youth and education. He believes that young people today need to be encouraged to receive their high school diploma and continue on to the tertiary level. A high school diploma empowers youth the find jobs that they may otherwise not be qualified for.

“I’ve seen a significant amount of growth in tourism here on the island,” Lynton explains. “We see new guests, more development, more business and more jobs. We need to make sure that our youth are diversified to fill these jobs.”

Lynton Pinder is proud to call Spanish Wells his home, and believes that #OneBahamas is a #StrongerBahamas.

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