Loretta Fox

Meet Loretta Fox!

Loretta is a life skills teacher at The Bahamas Down Syndrome and Friends Centre in New Providence, which she describes as a great place to work.  Each day, Loretta is excited to prepare young men and women with learning and developmental disabilities to live in and contribute towards a modern Bahamas.

Loretta’s infectious smile and jubilant laughter, along with her patience are all the perfect ingredients for working at the Centre. Loretta is one member of a team of talented teachers and support staff making a difference in not only their students’ lives but also in the community. Together, they teach individuals at the Centre living with Down syndrome, autism, shaken baby syndrome and cerebral palsy.  Loretta highlights that teaching new skills to her students is part of helping them live autonomously: “We give them the opportunity to do it first.  We do not just go ahead and do it because we want them to learn how to do things and support themselves.”

Like so many proud teachers in The Bahamas, Loretta and her colleagues showcase the birdhouses, lampshades and garden containers with vegetables that her students create. Some of the craft items will soon be on sale at the Down Syndrome Centre for the public to purchase. The new store will be a place for the students to work so that they can develop transferrable skills for longer term employment in The Bahamas.  When thinking about a prosperous Bahamas, Loretta and her colleagues see a place for persons with developmental disabilities in the workplace. Loretta says “Some of them need minimum supervision and some of them require close supervision, but once you show them how to complete their work, they are able to get it done well.  They can do anything we support them to do, but society just needs to give them a chance.”

Loretta also realizes that sometimes, society can be not as accepting of persons with disabilities. She reminds us that for these individuals “it’s just a challenge and they work towards being better daily.”  Her advice to fellow Bahamians is that while they might be different in some ways ‘they want to feel special too, just like everyone else who wants to live and work in a Stronger Bahamas.”

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