Lily Strachan-Moxey

In 1975, Lily Strachan-Moxey, a 19 year old student at the time, used all the money from her first paycheck to buy a straw bag from Long Island.

As a young person living in Freeport, she enjoyed all forms of art and would frequent various classes. After a mix up one day, Lily found herself in a straw craft class.

Fast forward to present day, Lily has been making and selling straw bags for more than a decade. She started small and has grown to selling her craftwork at the Sir Lynden Pindling International Airport in the domestic terminal. She is the president of both The Grand Bahama Craft Association and The Bahamas National Craft Association.

“Craft associations have varying contributions to building a Stronger Bahamas,” says Lily. “From promoting the Bahamian craft in a national way, to providing jobs for persons, and sustaining areas in the country that will be kept for the use, development and growth of natural resources for craft.”

The straw craft is unique to The Bahamas. There are some Family Islands that are known for varying styles and plaiting. Lily stresses that we need to promote the culture of straw craft and its nativity to the country by educating young Bahamians. She reflects that it is the pride on a young person’s face and their feeling of accomplishment that is the ultimate joy of craft for her.

“Art gives an individual an appreciation for what they can do and what they can create. From the smallest items to the largest, whatever a person decides to make using the natural resources of The Bahamas will create pride, love and independence. You see a beauty that is second to none.”

Lily has been an educator her whole life and as a teacher she devotes her energy into helping develop young persons in her community so they can contribute to building a #StrongerBahamas.

“I feel that I contribute to the pride of our country because citizens will wear and use these native crafts that create a sense of belonging. When citizens purchase native items, more of the capital will stay in our country and will contribute to a Prosperous and Stronger Bahamas.”

And yes … Lily still has in her possession the first straw bag she bought with her very first paycheck!

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