Leroy Rolle

Since he was a very little boy, Leroy Rolle has loved fishing and diving in the crystal blue waters of The Bahamas.  Now, as an adult, he earns an honest living from the sea: “It makes me feel good to be out to sea and make a living to support my family,” he says.

Leroy hails from a family where fishing is such an important way of life and he jokes that his mother almost gave birth to him at sea.  Bimini is known as the “sport fishing capital of the world”, and Leroy adds to this claim that he’s the number one fisherman on the island!  On a perfect day, Leroy is able to go out to sea and return with freshly caught seafood.  He takes pride in providing fresh conch, lobster and fish to eager buyers in Bimini and other islands.

Leroy is proud to be a Bahamian fisherman and understands the importance of conserving the environment.  He also understands that fishing is vital to building a prosperous Bahamas. He does not want our beautiful natural surroundings to be abused or destroyed.

“I go out to make a living but not destroy the environment because the future generation is coming up and they need something to enjoy and make a living from too, ” says Bimini’s number one fisherman. “The ocean is free.  You just need to want to do it, love it and not abuse it.”

Leroy envisions our country as a place that encourages more young Bahamians to get involved in the fishing industry because of the tremendous opportunities.  He believes that everyone wants to be their own boss and fishing allows you to do that. He comments, “It’s a lot of work but in the future, it will pay off because it’s an honest way to make a good living and build a Stronger Bahamas.”

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