Lavita Thurston

The pain of losing a child is heartbreaking but for Lavita Thurston, a mother of five children, she remains committed to building a Stronger Bahamas by promoting a message of Christian stewardship and responsible parenting.

In May 2015, Lavita Thurston lost her daughter Georgette when she was tragically murdered due to domestic violence.  Lavita acknowledges that her daughter was not perfect but is passionate in her quest to help other parents contribute to making the country a more peaceful and safer place.  She says “My daughter is dead, I cannot help her anymore, but I can help others.”

Lavita maintains that The Bahamas can be a safer country if each individual is honest and accepts responsibility for their actions.  She believes that as parents, we should ensure our children are raised to know the importance of responsibility.  In her view, “We need to help our children by being honest.  We need to chastise our children and stop hiding and covering up for them.  We need to stop compromising our values when our children do something wrong.”

It is her unshakeable faith in God that gives Lavita additional hope for a Stronger Bahamas.  Her sage advice is, “To make the Bahamas better let us be responsible parents who pray and go to Church as a family.”  She feels that we should look at our own actions and examine ourselves.  “We are too laid back and we like to blame and we don’t like to do anything for ourselves.  We are waiting for someone else to come and clean up the problems that we created.  We as parents, this is on us.”

As her faith increases as she copes with her loss, Lavita still prays for a Stronger Bahamas each day.  She proudly says “For us to have a Stronger Bahamas, we need to first of all teach our children the way of God and make sure they pray and teach them to pray too.  We have to make The Bahamas a better country by raising our children to be better.  We have to be responsible parents to build a Stronger Bahamas.”

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