Lathario Ferguson

Meet Lathario Ferguson!

For the last six years, Lathario has been a public bus driver, taking pride in safely transporting passengers in one of the cleanest buses in Nassau.

As a jitney driver, Lathario recognizes that he plays an important role in a prosperous Bahamas.  “Without me, many people would not be able to get to where they need to go,” he reflects.  He estimates that approximately 500-passengers hop on and off his bus each day on their way to work, school, meetings and other important obligations.

Lathario feels that being a public service driver is one of the most important jobs in The Bahamas, especially in Nassau where so many people depend on an honest and courteous driver to get around safely.

As The Bahamas prepares for Independence Day celebrations in July, Lathario is among the first set of jitney drivers to decorate his bus in Bahamian colours.  Lathario says “I have always been proud to be a Bahamian and I must show that to everyone. When people see and come on my bus, I want them to be proud too and share their pride as Bahamians supporting Bahamians.”

When thinking about his role as a bus driver, Lathario says “I want The Bahamas to be the best. In order to build a Stronger Bahamas, I have to do my part and that is to get people where they need to be safely all the time.”

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