Lance Pinder

Lance Pinder is one of the shareholders working onboard the M/V First One based in Spanish Wells, Eleuthera.  From his immaculate mechanical room to his well-stocked galley, and his sustainable fishing practices, Lance embodies building a Stronger Bahamas.

He and his 11-man crew will travel towards the Great Bahama Bank in preparation for the start of the lobster season beginning Monday, August 1.  Thinking about what lies ahead, Lance says “It’s hard work, and we work from sun up ‘til sun down.”  Lance and the crew will be out to sea for the next four weeks.

Lance contributes to a prosperous Bahamas in a number of ways.  They provide lobster tails to both a Bahamian and international market.  Lance and his fellow shareholders sell lobster tails to merchants and markets in The Bahamas, the United States and Europe.

As a responsible seafarer, Lance is dedicated to respecting the natural marine resources of The Bahamas.  He says, “We have generations coming behind us and so we have to be responsible.  We have to protect our environment because it’s all that we have.  One day our sons may decide to become fishermen.  We have to respect and sustain what we have.”

A difficult challenge Lance has observed is Dominican poachers who aggressively destroy our environment.  He observed “When they come, they take everything and they do not care.”  He says, “If our borders are not protected, we all lose.  The Government loses and we lose and we cannot make a living from the land.”

He notes that for the first time in a number of years, the problem of illegal poaching has received attention.  He readily acknowledges that effective leadership and Government investments to patrol and protect The Bahamas are making a positive difference.

Lance cites the leadership of Acting Commodore Tellis Bethel of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force as a reason for this positive change.  He describes the Acting Commodore as a responsive and helpful leader that contributes to a safer and prosperous Bahamas.  Lance recalls, “If there is a problem with poachers and illegal activities, I contact Mr. Bethel.  When he says that one of the new Defence Force vessels will be there to address the problem, it actually happens.”

The seasoned lobster fisherman and his crew look forward to a prosperous season.  He says “We have noticed that crawfish are coming back.  We know that once poaching is stopped, and we respect the laws of our country and work sustainably, we can have a prosperous Bahamas that makes life better for everyone.”

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