Kent Johnson

Since 1993, Kent Johnson has been a member of the internationally recognized musical group Christian Massive. Today, he is putting his music aside to help his community combat violence. Community work is one of his true passions as he contributes to a #SaferBahamas.

From a young age, Kent considered himself lucky to have two strong parents pointing him in the right direction.

“I was friends with some of the wrong people, but my parents always steered me in the right direction,” he explains. “Now it’s those guys that tried steering me in the wrong direction whose kids are doing the same thing.”

He recognizes that some Bahamians aren’t as lucky as he was and this is why so many young men are turning to the streets. Kent is involved with a new initiative called “Violence Interrupters” in Nassau, which stops street violence from escalating.

“I am extremely excited about this. The Government has been brainstorming and said we need people on the ground to mediate and arbitrate, stopping violence at its pulse. This is what Violence Interrupters does. It is aimed at young people, with the goal of getting inside their minds to eliminate anything that will stem violence.”

Violence Interrupters is creating a #SaferBahamas by stopping street violence before it starts. Being on the streets, dealing with the matters right away creates real solutions. Kent says that working against street violence is a community effort.

He liaises with other community groups to find the most effective solutions possible. “Some people aren’t interested in helping others, they just want to survive. But you’ve got to be alive to survive, so this is something that’s pushing towards life.”

Kent encourages anyone who wants to see a #SaferBahamas to contribute in any way they can. “There’s always something you can do. Sometimes it’s just about being in the right place at the right time.”

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