Julian Seymour

Meet Peanut! Also known as Julian Seymour, he is a Bahamian entrepreneur who you may have crossed paths with on Carmichael road over the past four years.

Julian sells bags of freshly roasted peanuts to daily commuters. Starting his day at 7am, rain or shine, Peanut sets up shop at different intersections along Carmichael Road.

“What most people don’t know is that peanuts are a heart-healthy and weight-loss friendly food,” explains Julian. “I was first introduced to selling peanuts by my cousin, and with a few years of hard work and dedication, I am self-sufficient and an independent seller.”

Julian prepares his freshly roasted bags to perfection, priding himself on never selling burnt peanuts. He sets a goal to sell around 200-bags of peanuts each day. Daily commuters have grown to depend on Julian to provide them with this delicious snack.

As he expands his business, Julian is open to partnering with local schools to have peanut fundraisers.  He is also working to identify businesses and organizations who want to place regular orders for same day delivery.

Julian believes that more young people should aspire to be their own boss. His advice; “Hustle hard, be committed, and start your own business. Ignore the criticism around you and become your own boss.  You have to start somewhere and today is a good day! We all need to contribute to building a Stronger Bahamas.”

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