Johnathan Forbes

Johnathan Forbes, CEO and co-founder of Tasty Teas believes, “entrepreneurship helps build a prosperous Bahamas”. He knows firsthand the pride one can have from building a business from the ground up.

For years, Johnathan watched his mother go to the markets to sell her teas to the people of Nassau. Although she had good customers, Johnathan knew there was more potential in her business, so he got to work building the Tasty Teas brand.

In 2014, Johnathan was awarded the National Youth Award for entrepreneurship by the Government. This award provided him and his company significant visibility within The Bahamas and helped make Tasty Teas known. “It feels good to know that a product you’ve worked so hard on is loved,” says Johnathan.

The Bahamas has a great history of entrepreneurship and Johnathan hopes to continue to see this flourish, starting with young persons.

“The kids are the future leaders of this country,” he says, “I would like to see the schools teach them the principles and basics of becoming entrepreneurs.”

Through the Ministry of Education, young Bahamians are given the opportunity to tour Tasty Teas and learn from Johnathan about entrepreneurship and Bahamian teas.

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