Jessica Fox Wilson

Two years ago Jessica Fox Wilson took a leap of faith, leaving her stable office job to become an entrepreneur and open her own cake business. Now, Jessica is known all over the world for her beautiful cakes and tasty treats. Her passion for art and making people happy shines through in each of her cakes. Jessica’s bakery, Take a Bite Bahamas is slicing up mini-masterpieces of edible art for all occasions, helping contribute to a Prosperous Bahamas.

Jessica is living proof that hard work and persistence is a winning recipe for success as an entrepreneur. “The first thing I baked was an apple cake, and it turned out horrible. But then I kept practicing, I stayed up late at night watching YouTube videos until I got my cakes to look the way I wanted them to.” She never imagined that she would have left her job to pursue her dreams. Her advice to others wishing to do the same is to have a plan to ensure financial stability and to let go of routine when you’re ready.

Renowned for her artistry around the world, Jessica is excited that she is able to inspire others through her creative confections. “I’m always inspired by other bakers. It’s so cool to be a source of inspiration for others. I never thought I would be that person.”  Jessica is hoping to continue to inspire others by sharing her talents with Bahamians through classes for decorating and baking.

Jessica’s cakes contribute to a #StrongerBahamas by making people happy. “Eating cake makes people happy. Happy people make the world a better place.”

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