Jamal McIntosh

Jamal McIntosh is an Abaco native who has a love of music and for the past nine-years has invested in the lives of young men and women as an educator in Abaco, Bahamas.

Mr. McIntosh graduated from Wesley College in Marsh Harbour, Abaco, where he knew quite early that he wanted to be involved in music education.  His high school experience motivated him to develop his creativity and a strong passion for contributing to his community.  Since Wesley College was the only high school to offer a music education curriculum, Jamal knew that once he was completed with his Bachelors of Music Education Degree at Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Florida, he was committed to returning back home to contribute to a Stronger Bahamas.

In September 2007, he assumed teaching responsibilities at the Abaco Central High School where his passion for music education is still alive.  Jamal reflects “I have a firm belief that you have to know when your torch is lit and when your torch is fading away.  And as long as I feel the passion to be here and the desire to take my students to the next level, I will continue to do that.”  In the classroom, Jamal constantly pushes his students to excel because he recognizes that if you have the qualities and discipline needed to be a successful musician, you can apply them to all other parts of lifelong success.

Jamal is proud to call Abaco home and works tirelessly to teach his students patience.  He reminds students “Patience requires that you have to understand that nothing comes very easily.  Hard work and the ability to be patient, allows you to develop into the person that you want to be and allows you to hone your craft as much as you want to be at the end of the day.  You have to have a love for whatever you do.  No matter how small it is, you have to have a love for it.”  Jamal’s love for a Stronger Bahamas is evident.

Jamal acknowledges that in order to build a Stronger Bahamas, everyone has to contribute to the development of youth within our country.  “People who can make contributions to their island are leaving and we don’t want to stay and put in the work to invest in the youth of our country,” he says. “If we don’t invest in young persons who are following us, we are not going to have a Stronger Bahamas.”

Jamal proudly believes in contributing to the development of the youth so that Abaco will continue to prosper.  He feels that the only way to keep Abaco strong is to have young persons like him to impart the knowledge that he has been afforded from living in such a great country like The Bahamas.

Jamal reminds us “I am here because I want to make it not just a Stronger Bahamas, but a stronger Abaco as well.”

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