Inspector Theodore Campbell

“It is important to reach out to young persons before they get involved in crime,” says Inspector Theodore Campbell, Director of the Urban Renewal Youth Band.  Through Urban Renewal “we provide structure and focus,” he stated.

Programmes such as the Urban Renewal Youth Band reach out to ask risk youth and find positive ways for them to use their energy and creativity. Inspector Campbell, who is also a coordinator for youth crime prevention programmes, works with a team from the police force to bring music and performing arts into the lives of young Bahamians.

“When young people first join programmes, they are often under the national grade point average,” says Inspector Campbell, “this is not because they are not intelligent, they just lack structure or focus.”

This Programme encourages Bahamian youth to strive for excellence. Many band members increase their grade point average by a full point by the time they are fully integrated into the group.

Inspector Campbell believes a Stronger Bahamas is a more unified one where Bahamians work in harmony to build a better nation. “We cannot do any of this without teamwork,” he says.

The Urban Renewal Band’s motto for 2015 is Professionalism: 2015 and beyond.

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