Fina Christie & Nadine Ramphal

Proud owners of an authentic shop in Nassau, The Craft Cottage showcases the work of over 50 artisans.  By providing an outlet for local artists to sell their crafts, they’re creating a stronger Bahamas where everyone can succeed.

“From painted glassware to home décor, jewelry, accessories, and artwork; everything in our shop is handmade locally,” explains Fina. “We collect driftwood and sea glass from along the shoreline and we reuse, repurpose and recycle.”

Four years ago, they started building their business from the ground up, with just five artists.  Since then, Nadine says that have been able to fill an important niche and support other local artists who would not have otherwise had the financial means to market their products.

“It would be very difficult for someone to leave their full-time job to try and sell their craft on the side.  We’re proud to be able to take their work and help them make a living.  When something sells, we’re excited to give that money directly to the artisan,” says Fina.

Fina and Nadine hope that their success can help inspire others to create a more prosperous Bahamas.

“This is something that other artisans can aspire to.  There are lots of people who are just doing their own work individually, and I think that by showcasing their creations, they will one day feel confident enough to branch out on their own.”

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