Emelike Fountain

Emelike understands that putting others first is the secret to running a successful business.  As an entrepreneur in Freeport, he has transformed Les Fountains Plaza into a community of small business enterprises where highly satisfied customers and employees drive his success. For nearly twenty years, Emelike has been inspired and supported by his family members and a personal ambition to contribute to a #ProsperousBahamas. 

As an business owner, Emelike embraces the phrase “the customer is always right” and builds relationships with customers who are loyal and consistently support his business. He genuinely listens to his customers, which he believes has kept his doors open for so long. “People dont like change and they have come to expect certain things. As long as you keep the same atmosphere for the customer they will keep your doors open.”  

With a warm smile and welcoming environment, Emelike evokes a sense of comfort and friendliness in every customer, new and old alike.


Emelike’s second key to success is having loyal employees. He strives to be different than other bosses by treating his employees like family. “I’m not a conventional boss. I get down on my hands and knees along with them. A lot of these people have been with me for a long period of time, that their commitment and loyalty speak volumes.”

Emelike empowers his employees to follow their own passions and establish themselves as future business owners who are able to be prosperous for themselves and provide for their families. 

He knows that his drive, integrity and respect for others has allowed him to succeed.   Providing opportunities for others to succeed and rewarding hard work has brought Emelike great pride. “

I care for someone who’s really interested in working. If you’re willing to work then I want to give you a fair chance. Few have ever disappointed me.” Emelike demonstrates that commitment and hard work paves the way to a #ProsperousBahamas for all Bahamians. 

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