Eldridge McPhee

As the founder and director of the Bel Canto Singers, Eldridge McPhee has been contributing to a modern Bahamas by sharing the fine arts through music and song. He and his choir members provide melodious sounds that have inspired and captivated audiences in The Bahamas and around the world for 11-seasons.

“For me, this is more than just making music, this is about entering people’s consciousness and helping our community realize our potential,” Eldridge maintains.

As a proud Bahamian, Eldridge embodies a level of selflessness that serves as a reminder that we must be our brother’s keeper.  The choir donates the proceeds from one concert each year to a charity.  “We need to move back to being our brother’s keepers because we now see the results of what not taking care of each other is really doing to our communities,” Eldridge says. “We cannot have a vibrant country unless we are willing to unceremoniously and unselfishly support the whole community.”

Throughout his early school years, Eldridge fondly remembers the influence of extraordinary music teachers who instilled the importance of music education into his life. He believes that fine arts really bring about a settling of the spirit and  respect for people.

Building a modern Bahamas requires an appreciation and recognition of the talents and skills of all Bahamians.  Eldridge values the importance of family and community along with the need for us to go back to our musical roots. “Going back to our roots of fine arts will have a direct and positive impact on The Bahamas as we know it, and this will build a Stronger Bahamas.”

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