Edwin & Vernell Bauld

There is a genuine sense of joy when speaking with Edwin and Vernell, a married couple for 12 years who decided five years ago to operate a taxi service in Freeport, Grand Bahama.  It is evident in their smile and their ease of finishing one another’s sentences that they are working together to build a Stronger Bahamas.

As taxi drivers, both have always enjoyed working with people.  Edwin is a former police officer and bus driver, while Vernell once worked as a waitress at the old Bahamas Princess Hotel.  Now, continuing in the tourism sector, Edwin and Vernell exclaim that driving taxis is “the best job ever”.  Edwin explains, “I love working with tourists because they get to experience The Bahamas through my eyes.  I love showing people around, where we live, what we do but most of all showcasing our rich culture.”

Vernell says “As a taxi driver, I make The Bahamas prosperous because of the relationships I build with people.  When I am kind, warm and welcoming, they come back to The Bahamas because once is really not enough!  This makes me feel so good.”

Edwin and Vernell believe that The Bahamas needs better tourism ambassadors, working as taxi drivers.  “I work each day and set a standard of honesty and punctuality but most of all, I always go beyond the call of duty,” says Vernell.  She believes that it is important for younger taxi drivers to see what good service looks like for our tourists.  “All taxi drivers must have high standards and professionalism because a higher performance standard is necessary for a prosperous Bahamas. When visitors return, they invest money into our beloved country helping to make The Bahamas thrive.”

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