Dyson Knight

Meet Dyson Knight, he’s come to party!

Dyson Knight is an energetic musical entertainer showcasing The Bahamas to the world. His spirit and passion for delivering captivating performances contribute towards a modern and prosperous Bahamas throughout the music industry. A computer science graduate who completed his studies in the state of Florida, Dyson works tireless as an entertainer, choreographer, recording artist and song writer.

Dyson acknowledges that the entertainment industry has room for growth and is committed to making a positive impact in the industry. “The entertainment industry in The Bahamas, like in the rest of the world is challenging and competitive. The challenge is that even though I am a local artist, I still have to compete with the international market,” he explains.

Dyson seeks to raise the bar and deliver the best entertainment experience.  He reflects “What I’m doing to create an atmosphere for a Stronger Bahamas, especially a stronger music and entertainment industry, is that I am working to be on par with the rest of the world. I want to take The Bahamas to the world and make it world class.” Dyson realizes that he is good company with other entertainers doing the same thing on a regular basis, especially as he performs with other artists including Visage and Bahamen.

As a proud father, Dyson wants the best for his children. When reflecting on his talents, Dyson creates a positive atmosphere that will be beneficial for his children and others. “When they grow up, I want them to wake up in the morning and feel eager to go to work because they are excited about what they do. I am their best example.  I want a better life for them in The Bahamas.”

With an array of talented young people, Dyson’s advice for a Stronger Bahamas is simple.  “Do not wait on anyone to start showcasing your talents. Start from where you are, with what you have.  If you only have a dollar, figure out a way to invest that dollar in what you believe in and continue to work hard. Your value will grow along with the amount of work you put into it. Together we can build a Stronger Bahamas.”

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