Dr. Ash

Looking back on her career as an ophthalmologist, Dr. Duranda Ash has always strived to serve God and help others above all. Coming from the humblest beginnings, she has allowed the spirit of God to guide her through her journey.  Dr. Ash has found her purpose – doing the Lord’s work providing the gift of sight and contributing to a modern and prosperous Bahamas.

“I grew up on the street, living and sleeping in a shop. God took me from the street to Stanford for optometry residency and He’s blessed me with so much that it’s not enough to just be another ophthalmologist.” From her residency, Dr. Ash went on to work in a Government hospital where she created the ophthalmology department in 1998. On a missionary trip to Honduras in 2011, the Holy Spirit showed Dr. Ash her true purpose as God was calling on her to do more. She decided to become a missionary ophthalmologist, travelling around the world, offering her healing hands to those in need.

In 2015, she opened His Gift of Sight, a socially conscious clinic providing cataracts surgery to those who need it most. “God has brought so many missionary ophthalmologists into my life and brought this into being. There are many Bahamians who don’t have the means to have cataracts surgery but need it to see. Government facilities are very overwhelmed. I felt the need to step up and be our brother’s keeper.”

The socially conscious clinic is not the last stop for Dr. Ash. Now, she is working to prevent blindness in The Bahamas. Dr. Ash and her team have held free glaucoma screenings, as this disease is the leading cause of preventable blindness. “Unfortunately there are many persons on the island who don’t have access to eye care, and by the time they’re coming to the clinic their vision is already gone. So the key is early detection.  We go to them and do screening and identify those persons who need further evaluation.”  Dr. Ash has offered screenings throughout The Bahamas including the islands of Abaco, Bimini, Eleuthera, and Grand Bahama.  These have been done in partnership with civic organizations like Rotary and Kiwanis.

For Dr. Ash, the key to success is understanding that there is not a separation between the physical body and the spiritual body. “In medicine it’s important to treat the whole being not just the physical. I firmly believe our spiritual health and well-being has so much to do with the physical well-being.” She also says that hope is the most important part of healing. Every day Dr. Ash strives to provide hope to all of her patients, so they can achieve their independence and fulfill their dreams and contribute to a Stronger Bahamas.

Dr. Ash remains humble; thanking her team and the Lord for all of the success they have given her. She is constantly striving to do more, giving herself to others above herself. “I guess I’m very spiritual. I believe that whenever we’ve been blessed, and I’ve been very blessed, it’s about giving back. It’s about helping someone else, your neighbor, your brother, being what God has called you to be. Loving your neighbor as you love yourself.”

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