Dominique Bullard

“We have a lot of potential in our people” says Mrs. Dominique Bullard, a culinary teacher at LN Coakley High School in Exuma – an island she describes as “paradise”.

As an educator, she hopes for her students to believe in themselves and think outside of the box. It is then that they will be inspired to create jobs for themselves, says Mrs. Bullard.

It was through her schooling at the College of The Bahamas that Mrs. Bullard perfected the art of cooking. After completing her Associates degree at COB, she discovered her passion for teaching at the Graycliff Culinary Academy – a school she says “gave her wings”.

Mrs. Bullard feels most accomplished when her students are determined to follow their dreams like she did hers. She recalls a Grade 8 student she once taught who had great potential, and with some encouragement and support, that student has now graduated and has goals to further her education in the culinary arts.

What’s her next dream? Mrs. Bullard hopes to someday teach in a fully-equipped state-of-the-art kitchen with classes of 15 to 16 students. In a perfect world, she says, she would have every tool she needs to educate her students on what it takes to make great food, doing her part to “put Exuma on the map” and contributing to both a modern and prosperous Bahamas.

Mrs. Bullard loves her island of Exuma and encourages her fellow residents to not take the beauty they are surrounded by for granted, and that young persons must create the opportunities they hope for.

She says “my Bahamas is stronger because where there is life, there is hope.”

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