Deborah and Claire Basden

Deborah Basden has been baking bread in Marsh Harbour, Abaco for nearly two decades.  Her delicious bread, available at “Da Best Yet” bakery is a labour of love that she kneads her all into.  “It’s my passion.” She says, “My customers can taste the love in my bread because I love what I do.”

The Basden family operates two bakery locations in Abaco. As the family’s matriarch, Deborah is committed to building a prosperous Bahamas through entrepreneurship and now works closely with her daughter Claire to improve their family-owned and operated business. Claire is a graduate of the University of Tampa, where she studied Business and Finance. She listens to her mother’s advice often: “You have to make it work and you have to work it.  If you work it, it will work for you.”

As a child, Claire fondly remembers her mother kneading bread in their family home and praying throughout the entire process. This is a practice that she now appreciates as she aspires to take the family business to new heights. “I am more into the business and financial side of our family bakery. I want to do well and for us to move to the next levels of prosperity.  I want to honor my mother in keeping her dream alive,” Claire says.

Together, Deborah and Claire are contributing to a Stronger Bahamas by creating jobs and providing delicious goods for Bahamians. The future for “Da Best Yet” bakery looks good. “Look out Nassau, because ‘Da Best Yet’ is coming!  Bread is a number one priority for Bahamians.  As long as you have bread in the house, you will be happy.”

Claire is excited about her future, “We are able to provide jobs in a growing economy and we help to feed more families as we provide jobs at our two locations.  We are building a prosperous Bahamas.”


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