Corporal Freddie Lightbourne

Meet Corporal Freddie Lightbourne!  Corporal Lightbourne remembers growing up in the community of Montel Heights, wanting to change the way that people interacted with police officers. When he joined the Royal Bahamas Police Force in 2001, he vowed to do just so.

When asked why he wants to be a police officer during his recruitment interview, Corporal Lightbourne responded with, “I want to make sure that the people where I grew up  are no longer terrified by the police.  I want to make a difference in the hood where people did not have pleasant interactions with the police.”

Since, Corporal Lightbourne has been a model officer within the stations and communities that he has served whether it be Elizabeth Estates, Wulff Road, Quackoo Street or elsewhere.  For the past two years, Corporal Lightbourne has been an officer with the Bain and Grants Town Urban Renewal Centre.

Corporal Lightbourne recognizes that his work has become more personal through working with the Urban Renewal programme.  He describes his interactions as an important responsibility as he works towards building positive relationships with individuals in the community.  “As I carry out my day-to-day duties, I try to be fair to everybody,” he explains “I want to connect with people before they think that crime is the only way to go.” He believes the Urban Renewal programme gives people a chance to seek help, gain support and view police officers with a positive perspective.

Corporal Lightbourne’s contribution to his community makes him a perfect fit for the upcoming #SaferBahamas commercial. He believes that it is the combination of police officers like himself and programmes like Urban Renewal that will contribute to a #StrongerBahamas.

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