Chester Robards

Chester Robards is the event coordinator for the Chickcharney Challenge.  The Challenge is a series of obstacles that 4-person teams or individuals complete to test their physical fitness.  Chester says, “This event is designed to motivate and encourage more people to lead healthy lifestyles and promote wellness among all Bahamians.”  This local event is a literal reflection of what a stronger Bahamas embodies.

For the past two years, Chester contributes to a modern and prosperous Bahamas.  The Chickcharney Challenge makes it possible for Bahamians to compete locally in an international physical and mental endurance event like Tough Mudder.  He reflects, “There are a lot of things that we do not do here in The Bahamas that happens around the world.  There are models out there that you can bring to The Bahamas and start a small business as an entrepreneur.”

In addition participants competing for bragging rights and awards during the Chickcharney Challenge, young Bahamian entrepreneurs are also able to sell their goods and services to enthusiastic competitors.  Persons are able to cool down with refreshing Bahamian popsicles from Pop Stop or take advantage of massage services after the Chickcharney Challenge.  Chester is optimistic as he hopes the Chickcharney Challenge is a model for other young Bahamians to look at and create opportunities for their success in a prosperous Bahamas.

One of the most rewarding aspects of the Chickcharney Challenge is seeing Bahamians come together in a safe and fun environment.  The comradery that is present on the course is an important aspect of the experience.  Chester reflects “What I’ve seen is Bahamians from all walks of life coming together in a safe environment and having fun together as they help each other.”  He maintains that in building a stronger Bahamas, “We need more people helping each other up, not just on an obstacle course but generally in life.”

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