Chef Kwivan Miller

Chef Kwivan Miller is a young, talented and international award winning grill master who believes that the two best ingredients to his success are consistency and good customer service.

Chef Miller studied at The College of The Bahamas.  He also earned his Bachelors Degree from Johnson & Wales University where he was equipped him with the skills needed to understand that he can contribute to a prosperous Bahamas.  “I see McDonald’s and Wendy’s as my competitors and so I have to figure out creative ways to get people to come and support my business” says Chef Miler, “I have to create a peaceful environment that serves nice Bahamian food for people to settle down and chill.”

As the self-proclaimed Bahama Bar B King, Chef Miller prides himself in creating memorable and healthy culinary experiences for many Bahamian customers who support his small business.  The Bahama Bar B King’s Facebook and Instagram reflect customer satisfaction and delectable images of mouth-watering culinary favorites.  The grill master specializes in preparing succulent locally sourced lobster tails, fish, chicken and even vegetables to satisfy the most discriminating of Bahamian palates.  Chef Miller typically prepares 150-meals per day and has his ambitions set on investing in his own food truck so that he can take his culinary skills on the road.   He recognizes that in order to be a prosperous business owner, he has to deliver a consistent product, while also maintaining excellent customer service so that individuals return back to him on a regular basis.

Chef Miller promotes a safer Bahamas by ensuring his own backyard is a place Bahamians can feel safe. “I allow Bahamians to feel safe knowing that you can still go to a stranger’s backyard with other strangers and you do not have to worry about the crime and arguing” he says.

Chef Miller takes pride in allowing Bahamians to come together to unite in a food environment.   He says “One of my goals is to continue contributing to The Bahamas by creating a joyous and safe cultural environment to build a Stronger Bahamas among our people.”

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