Anthony Lee

Anthony is one of the most cheerful phone card sellers in Nassau.  Each morning he contributes to a prosperous Bahamas by selling phone cards; helping Bahamians connect with one another to purchase goods and services or simply to say hello.

Anthony loves his job and has been delivering phone cards with a smile since February 2009.  He says “I get excited about my job because I am my own boss.”  Anthony recalls that he began selling phone cards because he wanted to do better for himself without having to rely on someone else to help him. “As a young Bahamian, I want to be better and help my country become better,” he reflects. “Instead of waiting for a hand out I decided to be more outgoing each day and I love every minute of it.”

Anthony feels that motorists depend on him daily to provide them with phone cards and sometimes even newspapers.  He is always present during the morning rush hour to provide items for sale, rain or shine.

Nassau’s happiest street vendor greets customers with a big smile and an encouraging word. Anthony believes that he contributes to a happier Bahamas and a stronger Bahamas because when someone is having a bad morning, he strives to be their inspiration.  He says, “I am excited to see people each day because sometimes like is tough and I could be what they need to make it through the day.”

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