Angel Garvey

Angel Garvey is a recent welding graduate from The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI).  As one of two female students in a male dominated field, Angel boasts, “Welding is my calling and as a woman, I always bring my A-game.”

Angel lights up when talking about her work.  She gets excited to design, create and build practical things that are essential for a modern Bahamas.  Angel says, “When I see the finished product of grills, tables and chairs that I contribute to making, I feel so proud.  I get so much satisfaction in seeing the finished product, it’s unbelievable.”

In addition to her family, another inspiration for Angel has been her welding instructor, Mr. Moses Wilson.  She is grateful to him because he provided her with the instructional guidance she needed to excel.  According to Angel, “Mr. Wilson has been very good.  If you are not on par, during his breaks and even when he is off, he volunteers to assist you.  He always reminds us that the welding shop is always open and he is there to teach.”

Angel recognizes that she has a role to play in literally building a modern Bahamas.  She beams and says “I can make history and build another bridge not just to connect parts of Freeport, but also other islands of The Bahamas.”

Just before returning to her cutting process, Angel shares her hopes for The Bahamas.  “No matter where you start in life, there is always something greater.  It’s up to us to write our own story so that we can become a better person and build a Stronger Bahamas.”

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