Anatol Rodgers High School Basketball

Young men in The Bahamas are determined to contribute towards the development of a modern Bahamas through focus and discipline gained through basketball. Basketball coach Mr. Harcourt McCoy of Anatol Rodgers High School believes that young men can can pave their way to prosperity and success by staying humble and disciplined through sport.

Jayson McHardy, Tyrak Bain and Dominick Bridgewater are senior basketball players. Their focus and dedication brought their team to victory at the 2017 Government Secondary Schools Sporting Association Basketball Championships. The team did not think victory was in the cards for them. Last year they lost game after game, but they did not lose hope. According to co-team Captain Tyrak Bain, “We practiced and learned from our defeat. Sometimes you have to weather the lows so you can enjoy the highs.”

These young men know that winning is not the most important part of life. They understand that staying grounded and working as a team has helped pave the way for bright futures off the court. Many of the young men have aspirations to attend university and college abroad through scholarships. Point Guard Dominick Bridgewater says, “So many guys are involved in gangs, drugs and violence. We stay away from that. We are brothers, and if one is going down the wrong path then we help get them back on track. We stay together.”  The bond between the team is strong; however, Jayson McHardy also recognizes the importance of faith and Godly principles.  He adds that their team is uplifted in prayers from family and that also makes a difference in their performance and commitment to one another’s success.

Their success on and off the court is also attributed to their coach, Mr. McCoy, who believes that everyone has potential to succeed.  “If they realize that they can harness their talents and they can go wherever they want doing something they love and they’re good at, then their mindset is widened. They see a future.” Mr. McCoy is an example of the importance of having strong role models to look to.  “We want these young men to be ambassadors for their school and for their community.” When asked if they think they’re making a difference in The Bahamas, the young players stated that they are making a difference in their school, making it a better environment with their positivity and brotherhood, and contributing to a #ModernBahamas.

Members of the Anatol Rodgers school basketball team are selling badges to celebrate their success and to fundraise for the upcoming Hugh Campbell Basketball Tournament.. If you would like to support the team before their next big game please contact the school and support young men contributing to a #ModernBahamas.

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