Ameera Poitier

“Education is the key component to help build our country,” says 16 year old Ameera Poiter, whose dream is to become a translator in the hospitality and tourism industry in The Bahamas. “There are a lot of opportunities out there for young students in The Bahamas when you strive for something you really want.”

Ameera experienced this first hand when she became a part of the first international school team to win the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute’s International Hospitality and Tourism Management Competition – making history for The Bahamas.

Through her school in Nassau, Ameera was able to gain valuable experience in her field by completing internships at major hotels. It was there that she learned about client service and guest loyalty.

The Bahamas’ education system has taught Ameera many things: to overcome her shyness, to improve her public speaking and debate skills, and to work hard to achieve her goals. “Teachers in The Bahamas don’t just teach you the curriculum, they teach life lessons that you can take with you to help you succeed.”

Next year, Ameera will be attending Monroe College in New York City, where she will be studying hospitality and languages on a full scholarship.

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