Amanraah Ford

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!  Since 1996, Fun Foods Wholesale Limited has kept Bahamians screaming for ice cream and promotes Uncle Lou’s Premium Ice Cream.  The authentic Bahamian flavours include rum raisin, coconut pineapple, butter pecan, cookies and cream, toffee caramel and vanilla.

Sales and Marketing Manager for Fun Foods Wholesale is Amanraah Ford who says ““We know that Bahamians have unique tastes.  We want it to taste like what Grammy makes in the kitchen. This is where Uncle Lou Premium comes from.”  Amanraah says the company created Uncle Lou’s ice cream with a sprinkle of creativity and this demonstrates how far one sweet idea can go in contributing to a #ProsperousBahamas.

Fun Foods sweetens the palates of Bahamians through providing premium frozen dairy products and confectionary supplies.  The 100% Bahamian owned company developed as an off shoot from its sister company Lickety Split Ice Cream & Deli.  As the premium ice cream is sampled by Bahamians, Amanraah wants honest feedback.  He says, “We want feedback on the taste and texture. We want to know what people like.” Uncle Lou’s premium ice cream has been popping up across The Bahamas, delivering samples of their product to learn how it can be the best Bahamian ice cream products at home and abroad.  Amanraah has big goals, seeking to be the number supplier of frozen foods both in supermarkets and hotels.

Amanraah is passionate about this new product and confident that his team has the sweetest winning recipe for business success. “We have 65 employees right now and we continue to hire.” Amanraah reminds us that Fun Foods Wholesale demonstrates how passion, perseverance and the entrepreneurial spirit work toward a #StrongerBahamas.

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