Our Mission

To communicate whole of Government activities, engage with Bahamians on what is being done to address the nation’s biggest challenges, and encourage all citizens to work together to build a safe, prosperous and modern future.

To fulfil his mission, a series of 27 public discussion groups were held with nearly 400 Bahamians on ten islands, over the month of September 2015. The aim was to listen to Bahamians views on the issues most important to them, and understand their attitudes and aspirations for The Bahamas and the Stronger Bahamas initiative. The discussions were moderated by an independent third party.

Over the last several years, a number of programmes have been implemented to address the pillars of safer, prosperous and modern.  These initiatives have focused on reducing  crime , making our justice system more efficient, creating jobs, strengthening the economy, enhancing education and improving social programmes like healthcare and social services.

The Government remains focused on creating a Stronger Bahamas by building off these successful initiatives and introducing new programmes to benefit Bahamians.

Bahamians must be united and work together to achieve this goal.

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