Building A Stronger Bahamas

There is one thing that unites all Bahamians: the desire to live and work in a safe, prosperous and modern Bahamas – a Stronger Bahamas.

A Stronger Bahamas is a place where our streets are safe, our homes are secure and our justice system is perceived as fair and efficient. It is a place where employment is on the rise, Bahamian entrepreneurs thrive, and where our economy is diverse. It is a place where we are our brother’s keeper—where all children are prepared for the future, and where families and those in need are cared for.

We are not there yet, but we are working towards this Stronger Bahamas every day.

The Government is committed to building a Stronger Bahamas and is focusing on three key areas:

  • Safer BahamasImproving safety through crime prevention and ensuring the Swift Justice system is working for all communities.
  • Prosperous BahamasBoosting economic opportunities by focusing on growing the economy, creating jobs, and promoting investment and entrepreneurship.
  • Modern BahamasModernizing our nation through improvements in education, healthcare, and other social programmes.

In order to achieve this vision, the Stronger Bahamas initiative aims to communicate what the Government is doing to improve safety, prosperity, and modernization in our country. We encourage all Bahamians – regardless of social or economic status, island of origin, or political party preference – to communicate with the Government on what you are doing, and what we can do together, to help build a Stronger Bahamas.

Working together as Bahamians, we are building a safe, prosperous and modern future for today and for generations to come.

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