10.3x14_PrintAdHow are we building a Modern Bahamas? By improving our Education and Social Programmes.

However, there is still more work to be done, including developing talents in children with technical skills and providing better access to health care across our    country.

The Government is working to modernize the education system and improve social programmes throughout The Bahamas. Our work is just beginning. A more affordable and accessible healthcare program is being rolled out, a fairer and easier-to-use social services card has been implemented, and there has been continued funding for education programs, including special education.

In this regard, the Government is working to ensure young Bahamians do not fall through the cracks. In 2015 alone, the Government of The Bahamas, along with major Colleges and Universities, invested approximately 2 million dollars in public school students in the form of scholarships over a four-year period. Investments have also been made in special education, to ensure all Bahamians have access to the type of learning environments they require.

The Government has introduced a plan to implement a national health insurance programme that strengthens current health services and focuses on providing modern, affordable and accessible health care throughout the country.

Social services in The Bahamas have been modernized to improve access and ease-of-use for Bahamians receiving various types of income supports. Additional improvements will be delivered soon.

Here are some key achievements:

  • Primary and secondary schools now have an internationally recognized standard for graduation.
  • Transforming the College of The Bahamas into an internationally-accredited University will play a vital role in the development of The Bahamas.
  • The total scholarship budget has seen an increase in allocation from $7.7M in 2011 to $16.1M in 2016.
  • To date, 382 households of New Providence and North Andros have been enrolled as RISE beneficiaries.
  • Persons with Disabilities Bill was passed which will help provide equal opportunities for persons with disabilities and eliminate discrimination.
  • The Government has invested almost $10 million in the Small Home Repairs Programme. This represents a significant economic injection into inner city communities, and a sizable employment of small local contractors and tradespersons.
  • Marine protected areas in The Bahamas has increased by 10%
  • Since 2002, over 1,000 Bahamian youth have been trained for employment through the National Youth Leaders Programme. That number includes over 500 persons in New Providence and approximately 300 in the Family Islands.

 To build a Modern Bahamas, we must invest in our children. The Government will continually look for ways to improve our educational system. By modernizing our social programmes, the Government has committed to finding efficiencies every way we can. Together we will ensure all Bahamians have fair and equal access to the social programs they need.





The Government has worked hard to ensure an improved and expanded education system that will prepare Bahamian youth for a prosperous future.


Social Programmes

The Government is improving and modernizing social programs to benefit all Bahamians.


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