New Automated License System to Begin February 6 on Grand Bahama

Learning experiences from the roll out of the new licensing system in Nassau should help to make the transition in Grand Bahama that much smoother.

Controller of the Road Traffic Department Ross Smith was in Grand Bahama, January 19, 2017 to announce the date for the new system to be up and running in the Second City.

“We learned a lot in Nassau and so we are taking what we learned there – in terms of getting out the kinks – and we should have a smooth roll out here in Grand Bahama,” Smith told the media, during a press conference at the Ministry for Grand Bahama.

The new Automated Vehicle and Driver’s License system is expected to begin on Grand Bahama on February 6, 2017.

“This transition process is a vital and fundamental component to the department’s modernization plan that seeks to bring the management and operation of the Road Traffic Department into the 21st Century,” Mr. Smith told the media.

“One of the great features of this new system is that you can register and fill out the application form online, and I must add that you are only required to go through the registration process once and that’s the first time you are renewing your license under our new automated system.”

Clients are asked to simply go online and log onto the site, which is, click on the icon that says, ‘pre-register.’

All of the required documents must be scanned (that includes a Passport or Voter’s Card, NIB Smart Card, Driver’s License and a valid insurance certificate).

Once completed, clients would be given a Case Number, which will also be emailed to them.

“We are extremely excited about this project because we are convinced that it introduces a process that will improve operational efficiency within the Road Traffic Department and significantly improve the quality of service we provide the public,” added the Road Traffic Controller.

“The public should be advised that the existing system of Vehicle Licensing and Renewal of Driver’s License during the month of your birth will continue. There will be no change to that process and we are not requiring everyone to change to the new system at the same time when we introduce the process next month.

“Only persons whose vehicle license expires during the month of February will be required to renew using the new system. Similarly, the same process that exists for businesses and franchises will continue as well.”

Mr. Smith emphasized the fact that those who will be renewing their license under the new system will not be paying for a license plate. However, if a plate is lost or misplaced, clients seeking to replace that plate will incur a cost.

This new automated system is expected to help improve privacy for clients, as the license disk that goes onto the windshield of the vehicle will no longer have the driver’s name or address. The new disk will have the model of the car, the date the car was licensed and a bar code, which could be scanned by police officers in the event more information is needed.

“This was something that many people had said was a problem for them over the years,” said Mr. Smith. “So we have listened to the cries of the people and so we are removing all of that private information from the license disk.”

The new license plates will have two letters and four digits, for ease of identification.  In Grand Bahama, all new license plates will have the letters GB, followed by the four digits. The same principle will apply to all Family Islands.

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