Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Stronger Bahamas?

A: Stronger Bahamas represents a new vision for the Bahamas.

In order to achieve this vision, the Stronger Bahamas programme will ensure all Bahamians – regardless of social or economic status, island of origin or political party preference will be invited to communicate their ideas, aspirations and priorities to Government.

In short, it is a public engagement and national communications initiative that brings Bahamians together to focus on the nation’s three biggest challenges:

  • Safer Bahamas: Preventing crime, improving the justice system and reducing the incidence of violence
  • Prosperous Bahamas: Creating jobs and stimulating the economy
  • Modern Bahamas: Improving education and modernizing social programs

The programme seeks to engage the public on these important issues and asks all Bahamians to work together for a safe, prosperous and modern future.

Q: Why is the Government doing this now?

A: By conducting various national listening and research activities in 2015, we learned from Bahamians that we are not doing very well at telling the public about what we are doing to improve the lives of ordinary Bahamians. We also need to be better at listening. This programme aims to address both these challenges. We want to work together with all Bahamians to make changes across the country to improve the way Bahamians experience their everyday lives, despite their party lines or personal beliefs.

Q: How is the Government engaging the public on these issues?

A: The Government wants to hear from Bahamians what they think needs to be done to create a Stronger Bahamas. To this end, the Government has launched a national conversation. Bahamians can talk to us by completing a feedback form through the Stronger Bahamas website and can also talk to us through Stronger Bahamas social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter.

Q: Is this the PLP’s election campaign?

A: No. Stronger Bahamas represents a new vision for the Bahamas. In order to achieve this vision, the Stronger Bahamas program will ensure all Bahamians are invited to communicate their ideas, aspirations and priorities to Government. No matter you politics, religion, island of resident, age or gender, Stronger Bahamas promotes unity and encourages all Bahamians to work together towards building a safe, prosperous, modern future.

Q: What is the plan to create a safe, prosperous and modern nation?

A: The Government has been doing a number of things to address the issues of crime and justice, jobs and the economy, and education and social programs. For example, to work towards a Safer Bahamas there will be continued investment in the Royal Bahamas Police Force and prison rehabilitation, as well as enhanced border security. For a Prosperous Bahamas there will be up to $200 million in capital investments generated from Public Private Partnership projects this year, which will create more job opportunities for Bahamians. Lastly, for a Modern Bahamas, significant improvements are being made to our country’s education system such as the implementation of primary school testing to understand how to help each child succeed.

These are just a few of the initiatives the Government is undertaking to build a Stronger Bahamas.

Q: Who is involved with this campaign?

A: We are calling on all Bahamians to get involved in this campaign. The Government launched the programme to give Bahamians a say in the future of our country; along with a better idea of what is being done today to improve our nation’s social and economic issues.

Q: How does Stronger Bahamas relate to the National Development Plan?

A: Stronger Bahamas communicates what has been done and what is currently being done to address The Bahamas’ key challenges; while inviting all Bahamians to share their ideas on how to continue our progress toward a Stronger Bahamas.

The long-term plan for growth, however, is the National Development Plan. Stronger Bahamas asks for feedback from the public on what Bahamians think should be done to create a Safe, Prosperous and Modern future. This feedback will be used to draft the National Development Plan.

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